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Larie feat.Sun-Raw's Heartfelt Single "Baby Girl" Honors the Late Great R&B Singer's Daughter Muffin

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Richmond, VA (June 1, 2023) - Larie, the Late Great R&B Singer, Writer, Performer, Poet, Composer, and Award-Winning Indie Artist, is set to release his highly anticipated single "Baby Girl" on Tuesday, June 13th. Dedicated to his beloved daughter Muffin, the song showcases Larie's soulful vocals and features the talented Sun-Raw, adding an extra layer of musical brilliance to the track. Produced by the acclaimed A. Aziz of Axyatik Music, who also contributed as a lyricist, "Baby Girl" promises to captivate listeners with its heartfelt message and soulful groove.

Born and raised in Richmond, VA, and hailing from the vibrant music scenes of DC and The Bronx, Larie has carved a name for himself as an exceptional artist in the R&B genre. With a career marked by numerous accolades, Larie's music touches the hearts of audiences worldwide. "Baby Girl" is a testament to his immense talent as he pours his emotions into every note, paying tribute to the cherished bond he shares with his daughter.


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