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Philadelphia Indie Artist Sun-Raw Debuts “9 Yun Yun (State of Emergency)”

Philadelphia Indie Artist Sun-Raw Debuts “9 Yun Yun (State of Emergency)” on the 22nd Anniversary of the Most Devastating Disaster in Modern American History.

This thought-provoking, gritty new single is now streaming on all major music platforms.

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 - Philadelphia indie hip hop artist Sun-Raw has just debuted a new single entitled “9 Yun Yun (State of Emergency)” to coincide with the 22nd anniversary of 9/11.

The track opens with a repeating, stark lyric: “You all know how the story goes”. From there, the single spirals into a thought-provoking and gritty warning. It’s a must-listen for any music fan, regardless of preferences, simply for its repetitive hooks that keep listeners entranced for the song’s entire 3:14 runtime. Sun-Raw, a.k.a. A. Aziz, is a multi-talented artist who can play various instruments including the clarinet and saxophone, but his musicality extends beyond vocals and instrumentals. In “9 Yun Yun (State of Emergency)”, Sun-Raw’s flexes his prowess yet again as a writer and arranger and combines his talents with production by J. Clyde. Sun-Raw has been an active indie artist for years and has performed across the country. His music is listed on ReverbNation, where he’s amassed thousands of fans and songplays for more than two dozen singles. He’s also known as Filthy Nice, Sunny Freshco, and Sunny Tuff, but the moniker Sun-Raw has deep significance for Aziz. According to Aziz, the alias was inspired by the late Sun Ra. Spelled backwards, “Sun- Raw” equates to “Warn Us”. Aziz also discovered that Sun Ra moved into his grandmother’s house in Philadelphia when she moved out. Now, he’s performing on stages as Sun-Raw.

His fans and followers love his unique style and persona. In many of his songs, he’s speaking in code. For example “9 Yun Yun” is referring to 911. This is just one of the many qualities that have helped him become known as a mumble rap scientist and perhaps one of the best indie hip hip artists on the scene today. With his passion for creating captivating beats and lyrics that make people think about reality in an entirely new way, Sun-Raw looks forward to performing “9 Yun Yun (State of Emergency)” for crowds in upcoming shows. Until then, the new single can be found on major streaming sites such as ReverbNation.

More information is available at

ABOUT SUN-RAW A. Aziz, a.k.a. Sun-Raw, is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, based writer, arranger, performing/recording hip hop artist, and producer.

CONTACT A. Aziz Sun-Raw

Phone: 215-253-8332

Instagram: @sun_rawxfilthy_nice

Facebook: @SunRaw70

Twitter/X: @sunraw70

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