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Sun-Raw's Eclipsing Single: "Ayo! Ayo!"

Aug 16, 2023

In a world inundated with formulaic beats and lyrics, Hip-Hop visionary Sun-Raw delivers a breath of fresh air with his latest single, "Ayo! Ayo!", dropping under the pioneering label, Axyatik Music. Produced by none other than Sun-Raw himself, under the widely revered name, A.Aziz, this track promises an ensemble of boundary-pushing rhythms that echo his unmatched versatility.

Sun Raw logo while artists chants Ayo! Ayo! in a bubble caption.
New Hip Hop Single Ayo! Ayo!

Philadelphia born and Virginia-raised, Sun-Raw, also affectionately known by his fans as Filthy Nice, Sunny Freshco, and Sunny Tuff, stands as a lighthouse in the ever-evolving landscape of Hip-Hop. His tale is one of relentless determination – from mesmerizing an audience after an unexpected mic toss at a Basic Instincts (Mad Skillz) performance to establishing himself as a sought-after beat producer and lyricist in the bustling 757 music scene and beyond.

His new single, "Ayo! Ayo!", epitomizes the Sun-Raw experience: an avant-garde blend of diverse sounds knitted seamlessly with his signature intricate wordplay. The artist's dexterity shines through as he weaves through contrasting flows, creating a Hip-Hop centered fusion. But it's not just about the rhythm and words; the emotive undertones that Sun-Raw intricately laces within his tracks are what set him apart. His lyrics, born out of raw experiences, resonate, painting vivid stories that connect with a vast spectrum of listeners.

Diving into the depth of his inspirations, it's evident that Sun-Raw's family, notably Aunt Reba, Uncle Karl, Abel El, Grandma Dot, and his beloved Mother Kitty, have played instrumental roles in molding his musical identity. Their influence, combined with his insatiable drive to produce authentic sounds from inception to production and performance, crafts an immersive and authentic musical journey. Sun-Raw's music isn't just an auditory delight; it's a voyage into the recesses of his soul.

His overarching ambition shines brilliantly: empower listeners through his unparalleled gift, create ripples of positive impact, and etch his name in the annals of Hip-Hop legends. With "Ayo! Ayo!", Sun-Raw doesn't merely release a song; he beckons us to experience his universe, to tap into the genuine, grounded reality he so masterfully paints.

As Hip-Hop aficionados across the globe await this latest release, one thing is clear: Sun-Raw is not just here to change the game; he's here to elevate it. Dive into "Ayo! Ayo!" and witness the evolution of a Hip-Hop icon in the making.

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Name: Sun-Raw


Phone: 215-253-8332


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